Fuzz Remover in PakistanFuzz Remover in Pakistan

Fuzz Remover in Pakistan


Ergonomic 2-in-1 Lint Remover & Fuzz Remover

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According to the fabric of your clothes will clean their feathers!

Glee is composed by feathering your hair Removal Tool will cleans clothes in very practical ways.

3 Select the appropriate title from a different cloth and clean your clothes without damaging your clothes.

Can the hair of your pet as well as your clothes and use hard brush to clean around.

In the curtain, pillow, carpets, can easily use the seat.

In addition to the woolen fabric, you can use your fine fabrics such as cashmere goods in cleaning.

Thanks to its ergonomic grip is very practical to use.

- Ergonomic 2-in-1 Lint Remover & Fuzz Remover
- No Batteries Required 
- Includes 3 Fabric Safe Edges: Heavy Duty, Everyday and Fine
- Quick & Effective on Hundreds of Uses 
- Removes fuzz from almost any kind of garment


Step 1 
Attach your chosen edge by gripping the lip of the edge and matching the flat side to the anchor on the handle. Apply slight pressure until it clicks into place. To remove the edge, just push n’ pull — push the black, easy release button while simultaneously pulling gently on the edge. 

Step 2 
Simply lay the item flat, and with one hand hold the fabric taut. With your other hand, use gentle but firm strokes to remove offending pills. Always remember to Gleen in the same direction as the grain of the weave. 

Step 3 
The Gleener will quickly and efficiently remove pills from the fabric. These unsightly fuzz balls will pile up, so periodically remove the accumulation from the edge. Repeat as necessary. Finish with the velvet lint brush, and enjoy your newly revitalized garment!

Package Contents:

1 Glee's Hair Collection Set

3 Title

Gleener® Fuzz RemoverGleener Fuzz Remover Kit


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Fuzz Remover in Pakistan

Fuzz Remover in Pakistan

Ergonomic 2-in-1 Lint Remover & Fuzz Remover

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